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Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
Different marketing angles. Even in Japan, she's just a pop vocalist anyway. It's not like she writes, composes and/or arranges her own tracks. So it's kind of silly to say her Japanese music is better than her American music since it's hardly her music, anyway.

What's really a shame is she has a really pretty voice for ballads, but doesn't sing them often.

And by manufactured, I mean people who only perform... and are not involved in the production of the music with their names on them. The way I see it, you're not a musician unless you're involved in the production of your music--you're just a vocalist or an instrumentalist.

Disclaimer: I should mention that there's no scorn involved here. I am not that much of an elitist, but you don't call an author an author if they don't write their own books. ^^;
Since when? I thought she was also a producer, songwriter, arranger, and composer. I was pretty sure that she wrote some of her own songs at least...

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