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The only way to defeat unlimited Hazama is projectile character like Noel or Jin, Hazama kinda tricky this time, follow the step how to defeat him ( I chose Hell mode for sake that stupid time attack):

1. Hazama start his green zone barrier but be careful, he might dashed in front of you if you almost near him, just use dash or double-jump dash at far distance from him.

2. Once you already far away from him, use projectile attack, (If Hazama defend or jump, follow number one step again but I find Hazama always jumping if missed hit)

3. When Hazama got hit, quick dash-forward at him & do whatever combo you like expert, beginner or anything you can pull combo by yourself.

4. Hazama's projectile (Jabaki) was easiest to avoid, just defend (If you jump, that also help too) but if you got hit & Hazama use knife butterflies, i recommand use air recovery & dash-backward ASAP because Hazama will shoot his projectile again.

5. This sound might stupid but seriously, do not attack him like punch or kick, Hazama will defend & his barrier will comeback, ( If you use Tager, i recommand grap him ASAP before his barrier active again).

6. If you use character which don't have projectile, just use combo whatever you feel can pull off, but remember, just follow the step number five, If Hazama defend then, his barrier will active ( It took 2 hour to defeat him just using Hakumen but i'm not Hakumen's expert because i wait Hakumen's hyper bar become full to kill this guy ASAP.)

7. Again, Hamaza's distortion & astral finish will kill you permantly about half 45% damage for distortion & astral finish was easy to avoid if your health bar was 20-30%, just follow the step number one but this time, you can use projectile with crazy style XD just shoot him with projectile & no punch or kick, okay XD. As for distortin finish, Jayoku Houtenjin is basically that i hate because hard to avoid, depend your luck if you able dash-backward or defend but this distortion only active when you near him if Hamaza active this power from escaping pressure.
Mizuchi Rekkazan can be tricky if you know where Hazama call his snake from behind you but use air recovery ASAP (If you hit) & double jump because this thing will not catch you when you double jump.

8. As for unlimited character, i recommand Jin, Mu, Hakumen or Ragna will guarantee will defeat Unlimited Hazama in Time attack or aracde mode in hell mode. I use Jin because his projectile kinda useful to freeze your opponet.

I hope this tip can help you to defeat U.Hazama without getting lose (Stupid Time Attack ~_~)
Thank You.

BTW It took 14 time to ahcieve time attack to unlock unlimited character, sheesh~_~.
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