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There are probably reasons why Hilda attack him and went for the kill. She asked if he was one of behemoth's men. She just saw him close a demon portal, maybe behemoth's men can do that also. Don't forget she came to school in the first place seeking out a demon.

Maybe demons aren't allowed on earth or something without proper confirmation or something, we don't know. Labeling that she was quick to judge, we might not know, she could have encounter one of behemoths men before, and they was quick to kill, that's why Hilda attacked right away; incapacitate now, ask questions later.

As you can see, she takes her job as a wet nurse seriously. A potential danger to Baby Beel has to be taken out too her.

Out of line? A wet nurse demon from hell, helping to raise a baby to take over the throne in hell. Think about it.
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