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Originally Posted by lightbringer View Post
She moved to liquidate a potential threat. While she would be standing around trying to confirm his intentions, he might have killed her. I think she acted a bit hot headed but not really way out of line.
Very far-fetched. He wasn't threatening at all, and she attacked him before he even had a chance to answer. She knew nothing, jumped to conclusions and tried to kill him.

I see Hilda slipping into an antagonist role soon. She's a demon and has always been trying to unbalance Oga and push him into cruelty and violence. That's her nature, and that's her goal. I think the author is beginning to place Aoi as a counterweight to her.

Originally Posted by Iron21 View Post
There are probably reasons why Hilda attack him and went for the kill. She asked if he was one of behemoth's men. She just saw him close a demon portal, maybe behemoth's men can do that also. Don't forget she came to school in the first place seeking out a demon.
*shrug* First she attacked him before he could answer. Then, when he did answer and tried to deescalate, she simply snapped and tried to kill him. I see no credible way to construct a justification for her attack. At the very best, she was jumping to wrong conclusions. More likely is that she just felt like it after he fondled her boob.

As you can see, she takes her job as a wet nurse seriously. A potential danger to Baby Beel has to be taken out too her.
The "potential threat" excuse has a really high reading on my bullshit meter. There's a reason why that alone doesn't suffice in the human world. Maybe she's a proper demon, but putting the measure of man against her, she comes up very very short.

I never really liked her viciousness towards Oga. Now I like her even less.
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