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[LYRICS] ARIA -- The Animation OST "Barcarolle"

This song was sung by Atena in EP6 (actually it was Kawai Eri, eventhough she wasn't her seiyuu^^o) I believe it is in Italian and from my search there are many songs under this same title. The one used in ARIA is not Charlotte Church's (which is in English) or Andrea Bocelli's one. There's a japanese webpage which says that this is actually a Chopin's "Barcarolle, op.60" by Helen Grauid...err something =w=ili. I wonder if the production just happen to compose a new lyrics to it...

Anyway, if anyone happen to have the lyrics, please post it for me >w< (Or if you know Italian and wanna try to print it out, I'll be glad to yousendit to you ^^)
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