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Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
Well, I am beginning with Macross 7 ( anything to bridge the long wait between Frontier episodes <sob, whine> ), and I must say, being at episode 5, I am enjoying the campiness of it all more than I expected. As long as I ignore the atrocious animation, bad music and that idiot Basara, that is... Oh, well, who knows if it will get better.

Oh the music is great actually!

It's music that you can either strum along with or pick up on the guitar riffs rather quickly...especially Basara and Mylene's "Holy Lonely Night"...awesome song!

And you can't diss Emilia's "Heart and Soul" that is just the epitome of "Emilia Greatness" along with her "Flash in the Dark." (Only found in the Macross 7 movie)

Took me a year and a half to learn to sing Heart and Soul LOL.

True most of the episodes are a bit cheesy but it really picks up.

--Lone Wolf
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