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@solothurn: That's only because you're mistaking what I am saying;;;

I never said that her role as the main lead (not sole lead) is going to give her the best resolution to the story. In fact I'm quite sure I repeatedly said that it never gives her direct reasoning to win the triangle battle simple because it's a kawamori show. My belief that she would win is a nagging feeling at the back of my mind, and has nothing to do with facts.

It's just ippie senses tingling, it deserves to be ignored.

I never claimed that she is the best character nor the most likable. All I am doing is disputing against the people who blindly deny her position as the anime's MVP just because they favour another, and as I have mentioned already, the publicity releases couldn't label ranka as the sole lead lady without getting in the way of the point of the anime- which is its romance. It would have resulted in confusion, it would also give kawamori absolutely no chance to get get Sheryl a possible candidate to Alto's affections because it would be downright strange, 'cuz labeling instantly minorizes everyone else, and makes Ranka the only possible person to win in this game (which would kill the point of this sort of tuggawar triangle).

Yet by the role Ranka is playing at the heart of the STORY, she s playing the traditional lead heroine role. She is the one that's central, not Sheryl nor Alto, but Ranka.

So, Summary before I get mistaken again:
Ranka = traditional lead heroine position.
IS NOT the best character, DOES NOT have to win the best resolution because it is Kawamori, IS NOT the most likable character.
CANNOT be labeled so in publicity articles without ruining the point of story.

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