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Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
Sure, all you have to do is remember Minmey, no?
Yup and going further...

In the Guld-Myung-Isamu triangle of Macross Plus, there was no clear lead character just like now in Frontier (although you could say it's Isamu because he was shown first) and the two guys played their part in thwarting Sharon Apple.

Macross 7 was a Basara show.

In Macross Zero, Sara and Shin ultimately resolved the conflict concerning the Birdman with some help from Mao.

So you see, in Macross there's no clear correlation on importance on the plot and the victory in the love triangle.

Originally Posted by ippus View Post
Also, who cares about subs? Much of the actual storyline is crap anyway :'D *shot*
Lately I've started just watching the raws...I found it was surprisingly easy to understand.
*shoots you*

Do read the subs, it'll boost your arguments and evidences because you won't be accused of twisting the facts.
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