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Originally Posted by ippus View Post
Haha Wesley84;; I think at this point you're in complete denial over the main aspect of Ranka entire plot, that being she WANTED to be a singer, she CHASED the dream, made everyone hype up for her then dumped it straight out the window over a guy that never gave any assurance to a 100% hookup;;;

Considering you did, I'm not at all surprised at where your opinions stand >A>;
I enjoyed Ranka chasing "her dream", but she didn't get into because it was her decision, she didn't stick with it because she wanted to, and she finally, hopefully, dropped it after figuring out that it wasn't really something she wanted to do for herself.

I say she'd have just been as happy performing for people as serving them at the Nyan-Nyan.

Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
What? I seriously can't, for the life of me, understand what it is you're trying to say here...
Sheryl was bemused by Ranka in a puppy dog sort of way during that scene, and her actual words had no substance at all like fortune cookies. Revealing her identity the way she did was a massive ego trip. Some people might like to believe Sheryl "saw" something in Ranka, but it really was just Sheryl acting on a whim and making her head explode from swelling.

As for your "captive audience" comment... I can go along with only literally, seeing as they were all captives of the circumstances all around them - with the battle raging and explosions and death abound. But, other than that, you're just not willing to consider a character maturing or taking some responsibility, and only seems to think of it in terms of Sheryl wanting to exploit the moment and try to regain her popularity - something which is, arguably, not what was intended by the scene (and her inner monologue).
But hey, to each his own.
The real problem with that scene is it's so typical of the shallow, theatrical garbage that Sheryl dishes out on a regular basis.
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