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Wesley, you make Ranka sound like some brainless twit who's apparently gullible and easily manipulated into caving into everyone's desires and has no mind of her own. I mean, your explanation for her actions for the first 60-70% of the show is that 'she does what others tell/want her to do'
Sure. Why not? Remember in episode 18 when Alto basically said it was "Us or them" after she expressed some doubt? She had a complete 180 degree in attitude and became Miss Genki all because Alto approved of what she was doing. Sheryl says some bullshit line with the word "fate" thrown into it, and she becomes all confident about everything.

Ranka is capable, but she gives certain people way too much credit. She could do what she wants, pretty much anything she wants, but what she does do is mostly because of other people. And that's fine, because the last thing I want her to do is become some egomanical tramp like Sheryl who steps on other people and thinks she's the shit because she has some talent while being a knockout.

Ranka's kind of like Ozma. She doesn't have ambition, but she is values those close to her.

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@ Wesley
You know, u crack me up. Nothing u say is gonna rain on the awesomeness of Sheryl & the awesomeness of episode 22 for me.
I'm sure I'm going to hate. Sheryl's been a massive disappointment so far, and the one developement out of her that I would like to see probably isn't going to happen because it'd require to admit what is truly wrong with her's and Alto's characters.
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