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Originally Posted by Wesley84
I'm sure I'm going to hate. Sheryl's been a massive disappointment so far, and the one developement out of her that I would like to see probably isn't going to happen because it'd require to admit what is truly wrong with her's and Alto's characters.
Like the fact that they're pretty?

Oh noes, one's a singer and the other spent his ENTIRE childhood being forced on stage. How DARE they be interested in the spotlight! How utterly shallow of them. Now they're trying to get their grimy fame-whore claws on poor little Ranka 8DDDDDDDD

Wesley84 I don't think you're necessarily wrong on some points, but sometimes your viewpoints are overly biased, and a lot of your evidence only makes sense if the entire Frontier fleet was filled with jackasses aiming to drag Ranka down into a pit-hole of despair.

@CeruleaFeng: I said this before definition he's not a troll.
He just has....rather peculiar opinions;
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