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Kakine is special don't use him as a standard. If another level 5 died. Aleister wouldn't care much and just create another or even just ignore it.

You do know kakine was special right? that like him and the rank number 1 was the only one with that kind of power.

Though the rank 7 or the gem stone can be a bit special but we still don't have any clues on what's the use for them so they are in stand by.

But in case of an ordinary level 5. There are thousands of replacement if Aleister wanted it
Well, the level 5 are ranked in how useful theyīre to Aleister main plan(whatever it may be) not exactly on how "unique" is their power. Mikoto for example: her power is one of the most "ordinary" in nature, way more than Meltdowner. The indivual Misaka Mikoto, is also useless for Aleisterīs plan;but, when you use her "ordinary" power in the radio noise project, is something completely different: In latter stages it could become a relay antenna to expand Aleisterīs "artificial heaven" to a worldwide level. Regardless, Misaka Mikoto is "useless". Kakine Teitoku, may have had(well...) a unique power;but, he was just a "spare plan" for Accelerator and you never prioritize a spare over a main plan. I agree that Accelerator may not be "properly replaceable", but if Kakine was a "spare plan", it means that there were ways of circumventing, the loss of either or both Accelerator and Kakine, as i doubt a monster like Aleister would have just one spare plan. As for Touma, it may simply be the fact that Aleister is 100% that he doesnīt need a spare plan for him, as for why... well Touma may be immortal or partially immortal(growing an arm puts him on the regenerative level of a planaria,)

Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Maybe he still is too valuable to be disposed.
If you ask me, itīs just that his "dead", was an "affordable price", for Acceleratorīs growth and as long as his brain is alive his power is not lost; maybe and just maybe, heīs waiting for the cloning technique used in Radio Noise to be refined a bit more in order to try it in Kakine and Accelerator... and with the "birth of terminator"(hurray Umidori!, hurray Silvercross!), a Cyber Kakine is not just fanfic material...
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