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Say, Flere, you can read Chinese, right? Or maybe I'm assuming that you could considering your... uh, modus operandi on obtaining new info on Index novels.

I think you'll get to that chapter earlier than there'll be any English chapters since I do acknowledge the Chinese side of scanlations usually gets chapters done very, very fast. And I'm talking about scanlations in general.

So... heh heh heh.
Confirmed, I can read Chinese (although I never got around to learing how to type it...), and supposedly the spoilers for that chapter is out on Chinese translation sites as well. Hopefully the chapter will be out in 2-3 days in a form that I can read (either English or Chinese).

Though don't expect anything written by me in the next week or so, it's a particularly busy time for me this next 7 days. By 4th June I'll probably have time to start writing up a story

EDIT: The chapter just came out o_O

There's not enough information for the moment for me to write a fic... I might wait another month for a new chapter before I get started, just to see how Misaki's powers work. Although I can definitely write the 'love triangle' scene from what I see of her personality.

So, any suggestions on starting the fic at this point or wait for more information?

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