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How much of that is misinformation given by Crowley himself? They don't even have a proper description of the man! I wouldn't trust anyone in Necessarius, cept Laura herself and maybe Tsuchimikado, to even remotely understand him.
Wait, did you say you're willing to trust what Laura says? The one manipulator who's so nasty she made three RCC secretaries faint in suspense during her last face-to-face meeting with the Pope, and the one who came up with the idea for Index's John's Pen mode?

And Tsuchimikado... you do remember his name being something like "I'm the Back-stabber" right? It's ironic that he'd be the one that's trustworthy...

I'd believe Stiyl thinks he's telling the truth, but not that he's accurate in any way. I can't say the same for either Laura or Tsuchimikado even for just the 'I'm sure they won't lie to me' part
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