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Well, I reinstalled for w/e reason, and lol who tested this?

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Although this is probably worse...
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In all seriousness though, this is actually a really good patch (You never thought you'd hear this from me?) with the difficulty settings and the drops. The infernal thing is a d2 rehash, but it allows the itemization to actually be available to everyone while the dedicated gamers tackle the hardest contents and just have a better chance at the godly gear.

The Monk and Enchantress nerf was not welcome and they really should be ashamed of themselves. If you use an enchantress, pick the missile ward-- 6% reduction against ranged attacks is quite a lot.

In any case, we might be out of the beta testing period, though pvp is nowhere to be seen. As for me personally, 37k dps holds up to like Mp4, after that I'm back to June 2012 spending 15 minutes trying to kill anything.
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