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Originally Posted by Flying Dagger View Post
Tempest rush monks are pretty efficient farmers.

Snapshot monks can destroy mp8 with minimal investment: i actually consider snapshot monks to be more powerful farmers than archon wizards (but is a lot cheaper to gear).
Tempest Rush is a decent skill, I admit but that requires a huge investment since the skill itself doesn't have a high weapon damage modifier. Though when it comes to low MPs, it seems pretty damn impeccable.

Snapshotting is a pretty big exploit if we're talking about swapping to the highest dps set and then switching away since it's actively letting the build double dip-- you can just swap a bunch of glass cannon gear (Sup Skorn), and then go back to your normal gear and enjoy the benefits of all of it. Not saying it's wrong to abuse it, but the mechanic is broken, and in the end while most monks abuse it to a lesser degree it just shows how many are dependent on sweeping wind. In the end, this is still all thanks to gear , though that's just a fundamental issue with the game.

Mind you, this kind of stuff just helps me, since my Monk only does 78k dps unbuffed but since she uses a shield, has 1 mil ehp. So giving myself a ton of dps arbitrarily would just be a boon.

Edit: And when the hell did you get to pvl 65 all of a sudden? Good work.

Originally Posted by felix View Post
Might be worth going though the hour of trouble of unlocking my damn account (again) when it comes out.
Maybe... what happened here?
Let us start here from Square one. No... from zero!
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