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For me I feel the lower end market is very wobbly: even though I am "more well off" these days, I still do some flips of items in the ~1m range as they usually lead to very quick sells (20-50m item may take a while... took me a week to flip a 100m lacuni with marginal profits...).

The prices of stuff such as All Resist strength fire walkers and tyraels can go from 300% of their regular price for a day or two to 50% of their regular price afterwards.

The stat gain from paragon level is pretty noticeable. I think you are supposed to gear towards getting 300% MF, then slowly phasing out MF gear for "actual" gear and be able to farm more efficiently over time due to the increase in dps.

The biggest perk of farming higher in higher Monster Power imo is the increased chances for mobs to drop additional loot: it is not uncommon to see several legendaries drop from trash in a MP10 clear.
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