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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
Kishimoto seems to have either confused the timeline, or has greatly massaged the timeline, if young Oonoki can talk about the Hokage Monument (which was made around the time of Konoha's founding)
Do we know this? I might have missed it, but that's not the impression I got from reading about the founding of Konoha.

and then show teenage Oonoki fighting Madara. So, Madara either rebelled years after Hashirama was chosen to be Hokage (which goes against everything we currently know) or Kishimoto messed up the timeline. (It certainly doesn't help that Konoha was the first Village, yet Iwa seems to have age-old traditions already in place...)
Meh, the messing of the timeline dates back to the Kage Meeting where Oonoki was said to be the only one left that had fought the man. If that fight is known, it must have had a fairly high profile. Their early kid years probably would not have carried that kind of significance, which probably means that Kishi had to make them young adults.

So yeah, it does sound like he wrote himself into a corner.
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