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パピヨンローゼ (Papillon Rose)

Broadcasting station:TV Hokkaido
Airing time: (Every week on Thursday)25:30~26:00
Broadcast target date:February 2nd

Based on an ONA (non-existant, it was just a hoax back in 2001, ended up getting turned into a one episode OVA in 2003, had tons of merchandise in between 2001 and 2005 though to expand it's mostly non-existant universe) that was basically a ecchi Sailor Moon parody. (Also parody of other popular anime)

Not exactly sure how ecchi it's going to stay though since a lot of things so far have been changed, I can tell that much just from the images I've seen in magazines and on the net. Still worth looking at, that's what I'd say to people. Of course I'm going to watch it cause I'm a rabid fangirl.

I think it's only going to be six episodes long though.


Seems the TV Hokkaido informaiton was false. I also saw Moonphase listing this information:

「パピヨンローゼ New Season」
Broadcasting station: Ground wave (地上波) --Translation accourding to Babelfish
Airing time: not listed
Target broadcasting date: February 9th

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