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Originally Posted by NeoSam
And another anime just got announced >.<



Broadcast: Autumn 2006

Its based on a manga thats serialized in the fashion magazine Boon.
Boon is a fashion magazine for young men (a seinen fashion magazine).

Site of the fashion magazine Boon:

Genre: Seinen

Oh yeah! Seinen rules! The best genre ever! Not only does it cover everything under the sun, but even typical shoujo / josei stuff such as romance and now fashion! Take that Parakiss!

Just curious, are those black people? Or just Japanese who just tanned their skin?

Originally Posted by NeoSam
A new anime got announced and its based on a picture book >.<

Picture books are usually (from my knowledge >.<) aimed at very young children.


Shibawanko no Wa no Kokoro

Broadcast: 7/4/2006 (April 7th, 2006)

Its based on a picture book.
It serialized (yes its serialized ) in the magazine MOE; a magazine on pop culture.

Site of MOE magazine:
MOE magazine issues:

Isn't that Moomin on two of MOE issue covers >.<

Of course its serialized and also has books out, for now there are 4 picture books out and book number 5 will be out on 4/3/2006 (March 4th, 2006)

Every book is about 60 pages.

Info from AnimeNfo:

Genre: Fantasy


Why I said usually:

Whats weird though, that some sites put this picture book under Picture Book for Grown-ups are there really picture books for grown-ups

And look at what hour its going to get broadcasted: 21:45
So it seems like it is really a picture book for grown-ups
Hmmm...WTF^1,000,000! A dog picture book for adults? ...and MOE, of all things? No wonder Japan's economy is bigger than the rest of asia, they have more tastes and products to cater to those tastes than there are people in the world.

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