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I'd like some help in identifying a possibly obscure, old ero-game. It was very short, and it was a traditional point and click, choose dialogue sort of thing. I was given it by a friend along with a game called "True Love". But I can't remember what this second one was. It might even have been translated rather than an official english release. I think the main female character (there was only one, and the game was short) had red hair or something like that, and wasn't a unique character, the usual tricky and somewhat rude, then succumbs to the protaganist, though at the end she reveals she was planning the whole time, or something. I think the male character was a tutor, or a doctor, or something like that, invited to the girl's house. And there was some other male who became "involved" at some point. There was animation for one scene, I think. Again, it was pretty short, and took place entirely in the house/room. Lol, you're probably wondering why I would bother to try and find such a thing but it's a nostalgia thing, and I don't really play many ero-games. THanks for the help, I didn't think this was important enough to be posted as a thread of it's own.
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