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Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
Ah I finally get it. So essentially, I can't get the True end in 1 run right?
As I explained, that's right: you cannot get the true end in 1 run.
Based on the FAQ, I have to play parts of After Story thrice to unlock the True End. If I'm correctly interpreting iamandragon's FAQ now, it goes like this:

Spoiler for Getting True End in 1 run:

I think that's what he meant. Esssentially I have to play critical sections of After Story 3 times achieve the True End without having to restart the After Story from the beginning.

Am I on track?
Spoiler for Light Orb "system:
Oh and one final question (sorry if I ask too much):

Spoiler for Regarding Misae's and Tomoyo's Orb:
Koumura's orb isn't earned in Tomoyo's route. it is just a change granted if you go through Koumura, for Tomoyo's 64 hits combo.
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