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This chapter is killing me.....

Chihiro is just so adorable. And the whole thing about "let's go to somewhere isolated", "please be gentle" and "it's my first time"..... just so suggestive. I don't mind if Keima really tap her, considering all these developments. This is definitely the first for Keima,since all of the Weiss capture end when the host just come toterm with thier feeling.

But i think Keima already planned this out. Maybe that's why he asked Ayumi to "give him dating advice",so now he can 'chicken' out in the last minute, and claims that Ayumi didn't teach him to go this far, and then run toward Ayumi for advice (while play the "i realised that i love you after all" card). Too cruel for Chihiro through.

Keima, don't make Chihiro cry.

PS: or first thing next chapter, we see Vulcan kicking his ass, as Tsukio probably was hiding on the rooftop to watch the moon (or stalk Keima) or something. Keima will never be happier to see Vulcan then. And next thing we knows, he will have to conquest the 5 Goddesses as well
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