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The very fact that everyone here is having their heartstrings tugged in one way or another right now proves how great this manga is.

I said it before, but now that it's confirmed I feel really bad for Chihiro going down the True Love route. Especially now that she's got me entranced. It's unbelievable, I didn't care even the slightest way back during her original conquest.

I love Ayumi, and what I'd do to see her as end girl (either that or True Harem End (ie. no open ending, Keima WINS EVERYONE)). But honestly, he's got to take responsibility here. He should have had an idea of what to do should he be wrong about the girl he chooses. After Chihiro saying that "I want to be with you forever" bit, I personally wouldn't be able to say no. She put everything into that, also putting into consideration that she really did have to go through her own personal change in that she now willingly chooses to openly be with the guy that everyone avoided until recently.

Her feelings here are much more pure than at the end of her conquest.

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It's weird because I know he's going to do something for the greater good (he has to) but for the first time in this series I don't want him to.
Edit: This pretty much sums it up. I'm right there with you, buddy.

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...or she'll end up having her memory altered anyway.
Worst part about this is that we (the readers, and possibly Keima) will remember. It'll still feel like a loss to those of us who love the progress she's made.
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