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Originally Posted by kk2extreme View Post
"nice boat" flag is still up for Keima

I am sure that he will find a way to make both girls happy.

Next Chapter...

Keima: Chihiro, you don't have a knife on you right?

Chihiro: No, why?

Keima: Oh, Just remembering certain bad end from a certain game... anyways, I found out that the one I truly love is Ayumi just now...

Chihiro: Jerk!!!

Keima got slapped
Next Chapter...

Keima : anyway, what do you like from me?

Chihiro : *blushing* hmm... it because you...

*suddenly both of them hear Ayumi's screams*

*running to check downstairs*

*rooftop scene ends*

I'm pretty sure it will be like that.... lol
so the next chapter will be a showdown between Mercury Vs Weiss
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