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Alright then. I like these "after" fics myself, but Kaijo had a point with what he said about ViCia during that whole big discussion, about working towards that event before progressing to events happening after it.
I see what you mean. I can't speak for the Vicia universe but remember that the HxV Files had no intentions whatsoever to become a larger multipart-universe like this at the beginning. I discussed close to nothing with DC before typing down The Things We Tame, she certainly consults me squat about the smaller stories she's writing. If I had to wait for dc to finish her stuff and give an opinion about every detail that goes into this, none of the three stories I wrote would ever had been written because the inspiration would have since long passed.

I think the thing with storyverses like ours is that since multiple authors (with equally busy lives) are involved, we had rather just let things be free and let how this relationship unfolds go beyond certain set story-markers that has to be written. It is pretty nice to be able to just be surprised even as an author . Armies... *grumblegrumble*... armies....!!!??

Not that our style doesn't have its downsides, speed is one thing, but this way none of us feel forced to follow any deadlines and can pretty much work independently from each other, mostly following when inspiration strikes.
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