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Originally Posted by Nanya01 View Post
Told you this mini-arc would be the longest one.

Peek's Mini-Arcs:

Yagami Mid Four Dwell Takamachi Scrya Fatherhood Harlaown Dreams Dance Healing Twins Advice History Onwards Cycle Playdate Forging Meetings Search Valkyrie News

BTF Omakes:

Old Iron Omakes 1, 2, 3 Mr Snuggles Omake Oh Bandit Tree Old Iron Omakes 4, 5

Coda Start

Coda 2

Coda 3

Coda 4

Spoiler for Blood That Flows - Peek - Coda 5:

Spoiler for Comments:
Me: Oh my! We forgot about Arisa for a while.

Odin: Coz' you're looking at Rise Kujikawa, dumbass.

Me: Can you blame me for looking at an Idol which Rie Kugimiya voiced over and not being a tsundere?

Odin: Good point.

Val: I wonder that scorch free spot is where Arisa fall down before incinerating the two unwitting darwin nominee.

Me: I don't think they knew about Arisa being a vessel of a dragon god, Val.

Val: At least there's less kidnap for random around there.
Darwin's nominee are best for laughs.
MGLN "Befriending" shows love thru superior firepower (Zenryokou Zenkai!)
Gundams are your worst nightmare in the battlefield.
SRW beats all foes.
JAM Project pwns all!!!

And I can't still make fanfic without restarting from the start when new ideas comes in...
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