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Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
@Goose: I was thinking that as figurative speech. I doubt the Hive has any PMCs of any kind, but perhaps the Hive found the tiberium expense of sending a larger/proper invasion force wanting for the amount of gain.

Of course, to fully substantiate my theory I'd need to play the monstrosity of C&C5... and I really doubt it be worth my time, considering how butchered the story was by then.
Kha, what JohnxCortana117 and I were talking about was how the Scrin were portrayed in Renegade, Peptuck's Tiberium Wars/Mass Effect Crossover. Peptuck gave the Scrin a significant boost, and noted that the force in the Tiberium Wars game was the equivalent of a PMC with technicals. That is precisely what we were talking about.

ALso, you wanna write about anything, play the goddamned game, FFS.
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