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Originally Posted by EagleBlue View Post
Woah, the author of MuvLuv: Comet. Didn't expect you to post here. Good job with Comet and I'm waiting for what happens next.

Surprised you didn't add an achievement of dating Latrova, Nastassja or any of the bridge bunnies.

Anyways, I'm not sure if this is the bet place to ask this but any tips on writing stories? I've written a few mediocre ones before but want to get better at writing for a fic and a MuvLuv Quest I'm planning in another forum.
Well, I haven't gotten around to thinking up all the achievements yet.

Hmmm, I'm generally not good with advice, but what I used to, and still do in a way, is to read a lot of Books, plays, you name it. Like 1982, Death of a Salesman, The Witcher, Honor Harrington series, Dune etc.

Not for ripping off anything, but seeing how you can construct world, characters, different styles of writing, setting up plots etc. in various different ways. Alternatively, have English Literature course, which is about the same thing, only the teacher has you picking up stuff from book and writing 1000 word report on it.

And inspiration. Arguably, I cannot work until I get a set of events or a "picture" in my head and say "Yeah, this is awesome" and then work around it.



And Good luck on your fic too.

@Wild Goose

Ah yes, sorry about that. I'm not good with hierarchies unless I make them myself...

At any rate, I'd appreciate all help, be it proof-reading, or fixing my mutilation of U.S rank system.
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