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Originally Posted by Kyuu View Post
Why is this still a topic? Isn't everything cleaned up by now?
2 days ago:
Fukushima fish still contaminated from nuclear accident

Levels of radioactive contamination in fish caught off the east coast of Japan remain raised, official data shows
It is a sign that the Dai-ichi power plant continues to be a source of pollution more than a year after the nuclear accident.
About 40% of fish caught close to Fukushima itself are regarded as unfit for humans under Japanese regulations

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Not to mention the odd thousands of people from near Fukushima area who are still living in evacuation camps, a year and a half later cause they can't return to their homes given the poison.
Some have given up and have returned regardless of whether they're being poisoned or not just to get a chance to resume 'normal' life for their kids and family, in some sad sense, I can't blame them.

Towns wiped out by the tsunami have been slowly rebuilding and so on, I guess in a sense, those affected by the radiation are suffering more than those directly affected by the tsunami...

Sad days but there's mass levels of misfortune everywhere in the world, in this case, no, it's far from over. A level 9.0 doesn't come around so often in human history you know...

PS: velderia, you can post what you like within Asuki limits, just stick the video in a spoiler and add a sensitivity warning to give us the choice to look or not. I'm kinda curious myself...

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