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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Not really. She's been dead for months. Maybe more than a year. Why reopen old wounds? And what could he tell them?
Kirito met the Black Cats April 8, 2023. Sacchi ran away May 16, 2023, and shortly after that (though I can't find a specific date) she died. SAO ended November 8, 2024 (if I read the day correctly). It took him at least one to two months to physically recover after it was all over. At that point, it'd have been at least a year and a half since she died.

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I'm curious as to why Kirito's eyes always shine in golden colour whenever he pulls his hidden trump card (the same thing happened in his fight against Heathcliff as well). Don't tell me he got capacity to manipulate the rule of law inside the game even though he's supposedly not a GM?
Early Incarnate System, most likely (from Accel World).
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