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Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
Mizore really is the only one that shows variety in abilities, simply because her powers allow it. She's just awesome like that. Kurumu is just high speed slashing attacks, Moka is martial arts, and Tsukune is following Moka except that he'll be more focus on punches rather than kicks.

Ruby and Yukari have shown some variety too, but they rarely get decent screen time so we don't get to see much.
I will agree that Mizore is strong and can make use of her shifting ice abilities, but to say Kurumu has only her speed and claws is untrue as she has shown she can use her witchcraft to such an extent that she can manifest objects that are not there, typically vines and other forms of nature and charm males and possibly the female populace to act upon her bidding.

It is why Mizore and Kurumu work well together in their black and white duet as both their powers, unlike Moka's , are not limited by their bodies. As you have noticed Moka can only use her youki at Close quarters combat, where Kurumu and Mizore are sorely disadvantaged at, but they have long range attributes that Moka has yet to match, even though there is the case where she can anticipate their moves ,but only due to the fact (imo) that she is so close and familiar to them.

Yukari too has an ability to manifest items and is only bound by her childish nature, she has but to mature her concentration to be as strong, if not stronger, but her sensible awareness to certain aspects and genius mind allow her to act more to the party's strategist as she offers detail of their enemies many may not know handing them advantage.

Ruby is much unknown as she did show promise during the Witch's Ranch arc, but since than we havenot seen if she has improved, but she too has her own vital role.

To claim for only Mizore's powers to be affluent for various combat is a bit biased. I love Mizore too but Kurumu has prospects in battle as well, which leads me back to my original statement of the girls standing on equal footing, only stepped by their closeness to one another and their natural fear of a daiyoukai that is Moka.

As you see they always try and confront her but it is impossible to understand what Moka is thinking, as close as they claim, there is still some mystery to Moka that makes her unreadable to the girls so they never know if she has more or less power or is holding back. In short, they are unaware of each other's massive potential, and could very well be stronger than what we have seen.

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