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Originally Posted by Yoko Takeo View Post
Spoiler for sbip:
Well, regarding this Tsukune's blood discussion that seems to take place, to me it's really simple. I think that Tsukune's blood is already quite different compared to the blood of a human, since it has vampire properties as well, but still isn't quite the same as the blood of a pure vampire. I mean that I believe that Tsukune's blood has already changed , which was proven in the manga when Moka said that the taste of Tsukune's blood has changed (Rosario + Vampire season I,chapter 28, page 5 )and if it was as you GrrDraxin or Yoko Takeo think, then wouldn't it mean that Tsukune's blood taste would be further changing depending on the amount of human and vampire blood Tsukune has in his veins.

Obviously there hasn't been anything like that mentioned so far, which makes me believe that the blood that flows in Tsukune's veins stays the same, but when Tsukune isn't actively using his vampire abilities Tsukune's blood acts and behaves similar to the blood that normal humans have, while still giving Tsukune some slight advantage in his physical attributes (higher speed, strength itd..) as well as boost Tsukune's regenerative.power's (Rosario + Vampire Season I, chapter 24 pages 19,20)

It all changes when Tsukune is heavily injured or turns into his vampire form, where Tsukune's blood starts to display it's vampire attributes and starts generating youkai energy for Tsukune to use.

Of course, piratically speaking it's probably more complicated, but I believe that Tsukune's blood is already is quite different then a human's or vampire's blood - to me it's already some sort of mix between the blood of a human and a vampire.

I doubt the balance between Moka's vampire blood and Tsukune's human blood is going to change at this point, no matter how heavily injured Tsukune gets, since it was something that has been established during Tsukune's physical transformation to a Ghoul / Primitive vampire and made Tsukune's blood like it currently is. So unless Moka injects more of her blood inside Tsukune, I think Tsukune's blood is going to stay like it is now, with his blood acting like the blood of a human most of the time (though Tsukune's blood still gives him some slight advantages compared to the blood of a normal human) and his blood starts becoming more vampiric when Tsukune gets heavily injured or brings out the power contained inside his blood on his own.
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