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Originally Posted by TheForsaken View Post
I think the world Will is trapped by Bern is not a proper world but a mixed of both worlds where Leon exists and doesn't exist. That's why Leon and Shanon/Kanon can appear at the same time.

Jessica and Maria knows about the legend of the witch that shouldn't exist in Leon's world as well, and they have a memory of the world that doesn't have Leon.
So in the end Bern just put every in her personal little kitty box by patchworking everything together from different Fragments and as its still closed of (as Will cannot get out it seem this ways) the duality in this realm is still keep intact til he solves the "case". And everybody is so confused in this realm because the human mind was never meant to perceive reality this way.

As funny as I wanted to make this sound it still makes an awful lot of sense. Actually that sounds more like a horror setting then funny now really imaging being trapped in there.

Also: I guess Bern GM road cone'ing Will sounds about right. After all he is shown very convince of his methods in the first scene and quite lawful but whenever weird stuff is happening later he seems to give up annoyed as if he knew he was an uphill battle against the will of the GM he cannot win.

I was wondering in the first place why Bern chose such a person totally rebelling against her intentions as a her new piece especially after making Erika so much in the likeness of herself. It's almost she NEEDED someone neutral and likable the readers would trust and accept to make her story work. Still by blocking all his options she keeps absolute control over the events.

Originally Posted by Rias View Post
There's a lot of different versions of Beatrice, so you have to watch out which one you are talking about. Also, if Yasu does have multiple personalities, there exists many persona within.
Spoiler for ep7:
Originally Posted by Used Can View Post
That'd be sweet, this LyoYaShkanonTriClair&yourmothertoo has got a bit too out of control.

But personally I really liked how the baby from 19 years ago fit into the story as the real Beatrice.

Yeah, I'm not shitting you.

According to Bern, EP7 doesn't have a GM. It's just the hard truth.

Well, a real Shannon may have existed once, but well... I don't know.
Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
Well it is also possible that this entire DID Yasu thing is just R07 trolling the everloving shit out of everybody who supported the ShKanon theory by adding more personalities into the body and then deny everything in Ep8.

Also there are times when I even doubt that Yasu is EVEN the original personality of that body. It might even be possible that the original, core personality is none of those presented thus far. Bern is a bitch. I'll finish the game first before I make a real conclusion.

Summaries to follow later.
So do we even have an official shorthand for this weird construction?
Thats really really getting ridiculous and IMO Ryu07 really is just toying with the reader here who have this urge to connect the dots no matter what.

It almost seems soon we need some of this massive character relation charts like those from the Nasuverse or Ranma to even get the facts straight for all this messed up characters.
(Well that could get funny if you would really put all the 50+ characters in it )

I guess Bern is just filling the gaps from what she found in earlier games / fan theories with messed up lies for the lulz.

Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
[...] it reminds me of a character from a video game:

Fei Fong Wong of Xenogears [...]
I think think we don't even need to look so far ... after all he already gave us good chunk of informations how multiple personalities / personas / whatever are working ingame ....and let's just for one leave this medical name tag slapping aside for this idea as I have no knowledge of this details anyways and when did fictions every really cared about getting the facts right for such specific disorders.

So lets just take what the story gave us: After all this 2 or 3 "personality" (which fit up to EP6) idea already was illustrated to great length with everything we learned about Maria in EP4.
After all she was always borderline showing two Marias "versions" with her all sweet/innocent/slightly retarded and her cackeling/raging/occultist scholar behavior but still those 2 very influencing each other. On the other side with Sakutarou we also get some kind of external persona as an imaginary friend showing mostly a contrast to her usual behavior (mostly in terms of childish behavior vs. rationality)

And thats really not that different from the Shkanontrice setup. After all Shannon / Kanon seem somehow like a much more severe form of split of interests and interpretations of the world than what Maria did. And Beato also somehow resembles what Sakutarou did for Maria, as she while still dealing with similar problems is what both of the servants could never be: mighty, independent and full with magic power to solve all problems.

Considering Maria even got this Sakutarou (as a boy) idea in a scene with Beato this may even be connected .... remember how Beato was so awestruck by Marias explaination.

So does this really need to be scientifically correct if it really makes sense from the build up ingame.
This Higurashi queen carrier / hive mind / hate plague / paranoia concept also wasn't ever remotely realistic from a biology research stand point but still it was ok for it made sense ingame.

Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
Now here's another question to ponder: If the Beato that Rosa met is likely the second Beato and not the first, how did the original get a daughter?

If it is suggested that Kinzo fathered a child with the original to get the second, it was also suggested that if Kinzo is the father of Yasu then Kinzo impregnated his own daughter (Beato 2).

Therefore, Kinzo is into incest.
You wouldn't be so shocked of you had read all those disturbing faking crap 2ch / 4chan made up before people really started confirming what was part of EP7.

But I also don't think incest will be part of the real answer... after all there is funny crazy and there is "Dude, seriously" crazy and I don't think he is going for that kind of dark revelation.

As I stated before he could tone this down by just making this Beatrice the 3rd some kid from the orphanage which absolutely no ties to the family (or a less twisted one). Considering losing his daughter Beatrice-2 he likely obsessed about to some tragic accident it seem reasonable he just ASSUMED this kid was really part of the family and gave it to Natsuhi in honor to his beloved Beatrice by making him/her the heir to the family. After all thats exactly Natsuhis version from EP5 about the baby.
That would still present a rather tragic and ironical development on several levels but its not soooo disturbing.

I guess thats Ryu07 giving us a "Take that" for theorycrafting about rape and incest and everything all the time to solve this riddle.
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