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this was an enjoyable episode, but not a total favourite.

i'm glad we learned more about masako, she's such a dramatic character lol the way she "attacked" the blowfish. and her telephone conversation with sanetoshi loool. she's jokes.

but the one thing that i'm wondering about is mario legitimately possessed by his grandpa? is that the hat? wtf is that about? it clearly wasn't a pure delusion because masako did get poisoned.

was it just me or did the back of her father's head look a lot like kanba's? i thought it was kanba at first and i almost went hysterical lol. but clearly kanba has gone to the "dark side" whatever it is. it makes me wonder though because the original arrangement was money.

masako's relationship with kanba was also confusing. and his voice...lmao.

himari was bitchy this episode, but it makes sense. poor kanba, he sells his f*cking soul for her and still no recognition for it. she's clearly making a scarf for some "boy" though, doubt it's kanba now

as for the sho/ringo conversation. it was very, very condensed but also cute. sho seems to make legitimate excuses for not wanting to be with her, rather than simply not liking her. i wish they spend more time on his romantic feelings for her though, and while the surreal moment was brilliant, i'd like character development in the romantic field as well. i'm sure it's coming, least i hope so.

and ringo is just LOL personified. dying when she said she's his stalker--only way she can show her love it seems
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