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It's simply because nobody is reporting the posts. Mods don't read every post in every thread; they tend to follow the threads for anime they are actively watching so they can participate in the discussion. Beyond that, we're counting on every user to help us by Reporting Posts that violate the rules. This sounds like a clear case where people are posting spoilers when they shouldn't. If you or anyone else reports the post, the staff will be notified and we can act accordingly.

The policy itself is clear and does not change: discussing anything before it is revealed in the work itself is off-topic and not allowed in an anime thread. So any game ending discussion is not allowed in the Persona 4 anime thread. If people aren't following that rule, that doesn't mean the policy has changed, it just means that no one has noticed and dealt with it yet.

So all that to say: please report post that break the rules, and that'll help us a lot. Thanks!
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