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Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
So, if I report the spoiler posts, they will be edited and the user will receive an infraction?
Not necessarily. This is what the spoiler policy says about it:

Originally Posted by Spoiler Policy
Note regarding unsubbed "raw" anime episodes:
Because our forum is targeted primarily at fansub viewers, it is inconsiderate to openly discuss or post impressions of an episode before the fansubs are released, except in threads discussing that specific episode. So, when multiple raw and fansubbed episodes are being discussed in the same thread, please keep all discussion of unsubbed episodes behind clearly-marked spoiler tags. Discussing unsubbed anime is not a spoiler according to this policy, but please be considerate.
Content from untranslated anime/manga/novels is not considered a "spoiler", but it's still considered inconsiderate to talk about it in the open. If they discuss some major revelation from the raws out in the open, that'd certainly be inconsiderate behaviour and would likely be warned/infracted. But posting about the raw isn't itself a spoiler.
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