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In response to the Railgun S Episode 15 Thread:

Yes, and do you know why, or is this just some sort of a veiled accusation? There are rules for the topics that can be discussed in this thread. You cannot allude to future content. You cannot discuss the Index anime. You cannot discuss the manga or the novels, except for limited comparisons to shown content behind spoiler tags. You cannot post things that are not related to the Railgun anime and this episode. And you cannot reply to posts that do any of the above. That is why certain posts were removed. In almost every case, there are other threads between the Index and Railgun sub-forums and their novel/manga sub-sub-forums where these topics can be discussed instead.

If you or anyone else have any questions about why a certain post was deleted, you are welcome to PM me or any other member of the staff. But don't post this sort of off-topic accusatory crap in the episode threads, or guess what: it'll be "nuked".
^ Hey, I know that there are rules to follow, but do you think that the implementation of rules have been killing discussion lately? I mean, what happens to a question which spans multiple media and involves both Index and Railgun? How will it be handled? Will it get a separate thread to avoid spoilers?

I feel that segregating posts like garbage is not healthy for discussion. Not only it will cause people to ask themselves "Wait, where is this supposed to fit among the 40+ threads involving Index and Railgun?", but it also makes discussions a bit difficult to start due to spoiler tendencies.

Face it, spoilers exist, and part of being an anime fan is how to deal with spoilers.
But I don't like how this is handled here.
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