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I wonder if there comes a point when a particular scene becomes so popularized and well-known within a fandom that it's not really a spoiler anymore. Or, rather, the spoiler is so well-known that somebody would have to be insanely lucky to not come across it before watching the show that the spoiler comes from.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the classic example of this... "Luke, I am your father!"

Does anime have examples like this?

I ask, because it seems to me that the events of Madoka Magica Episode 3 (and a certain scene in particular in it) has now hit that level of "Every anime fan and their mother knows it".

I also ask because I sometimes see people openly (outside of spoiler spaces) bring up a certain Madoka Magica character in pretty telling comparisons relating to that "every anime fan and their mother knows it" scene.
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