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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post

Though one thing.....whoever writes the dialogue for these games needs to be replaced now as it's just gotten so utterly pretentious and nonsensical it makes me want to weep.

In case people didn't pick up on it, yeah I'm really off the Metal Gear franchise at the moment. Loved Twin Snakes and found Sons of Liberty decent, but it's really in need of a reboot in the worst way now.
I'm sure the Japanese fans hearing the Ohtsukas (probably the father-son team this side of the Pacific), Inoue Kikuko and Kuwashima Houko would respectfully disagree. Oh, and Fukuyama Jun. Can't forget him in 4.

Is there anyone who played and understood both versions of any MGS game, particularly 4? How does the translation stack up?
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