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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
I think you misunderstand it. Cosmic already answers my question but reccaryu said the first time they battle or refers on answering who ash roller is. I think he also misudnerstood because I was asking for her illustration and not who she is or her duel avatar. I'm referring to her RL self.

Who are also the other kings? and is their a illustration for them? plus their real life or can someone just tell me who are the ones who had illustrations? or who are they? the one with illustrations.

question: it looks like Ash roller was a member of negaus nebula but since when she was a member?


Isn't AW and SAO comes from the same universe? like AW was the future of SAO? it's been debated before.
Unless I'm seriously misunderstanding something, Cosmic posted Ash Roller's RL illustration of her on post 111.

The 7 Kings are as per follows:
Black Lotus
Scarlet Rain
Green Grande
Blue Knight
Yellow Radio
Purple Thorn
White King(Name Unknown, as he never appeared during the meeting)

Red Rider

And no, one of the biggest rule in BB is never to reveal your real life identity. So short of us knowing Black Lotus and Scarlet Rain's RL identity, chances of us knowing the rest of the kings' identity is extremely low.

Regarding Ash Roller's current legion, he is still part of Great Wall, and never joined Nega Nebula, since he can't leave his friends there.

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