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Originally Posted by darkchibi07 View Post
Has anyone checked out the light novel and see how it is?
There's two light novels (thus far) and I've read the first one. I'm reading the second one right now and I can see how they'll transition from the first to the second one easily.

I feel that, while very enjoyable, the novels are not well-written at all. The first one had big pacing issues and other problems. That being said, I can easily see how the anime could overcome them and highlight the strength: the interactions between the characters. I'm very excited to see these characters animated and how they'll work over the problems.

Edit: I should clarify: the actual writing style is my biggest issue. The plot itself is interesting (to me at least), but there's moments where you go "why did this suddenly come up?" without explanation. I think those moments can get smoothed over in the anime.

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