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Originally Posted by Flawnalyst View Post
Hahaha . Should have been put in a different anime, Haru. If you were in Battle Royale or Game of Thrones, I would probably like you, because people would actually be trying to kill you. But no, you had to be the main of an anime where the main goal is to protect a power that was given to you at no cost, has no real stakes (except for one that should have been introduced way earlier and doesn't really make any sense) and the most I've ever seen it used for is to cheat on tests and sports with only that one actual usage in Episode 4. Seriously, are you surprised I don't like the guy?
Well, Haru's "stakes" is about not letting down the dream girl that loves him and who has the end-goal of hitting Level 10 to find out the big secret behind the game. I can respect Haru's drive and determination in refusing to let down Kuro. It is kind of cute and touching, imo.

By the way, I have never liked, nor respected, bullies in anime, so I can't see their presence as an actual threat for Haru. They're always too cartoonish, too idiotic, and too stupid to be taken seriously. And yet anime wants us to take them seriously? Fuck them!
Have you ever watched Shigofumi: Letters From the Departed? It has one episode that I found very chilling. It was all about bullies. It was Episode 6 of it, IIRC.
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