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Huuu. I think I'll be making my first eroge purchases this year. ^^; ef looks amazing, so I just have to get it. While I am positive I'll buy ef, I also may think about buying katahane since it looks really really nice as well. Hard for me to believe that there's going to be ero content in this, which I don't really care for. In any case, eroge banzai~

While I haven't bought any before, that doesn't mean I haven't played any. My first would have had to have been Giniro, and it's been mentioned here earlier. I think I was only 13-14 when I played it. ^^;;; I still love Ayame to this day.

I've also played School Days, and countless trial's and demo's. All that stuff was before I knew much about eroge though, so that's the only reason I haven't bought anything. I'm also working on the Higurashi sound novels, and while not an eroge, it counts for something I guess.. I want to by the PS2 port toooo.

For a while I've been following the eroge community though looking for anything interesting. While I've seen many interesting titles, ef's new approach to eroge is something I've always wanted to see.

I see me creating eroge in the future... (TT ^TT); 女の子は一番なのですわ
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