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Ok, I have to admit I found this episode to be fun to watch. But man why do they keep "plugging" Haruhi so much? Is there any purpose to this? Was the creator a fan or is this part of 'Kyoto Animations' deal to show you the connection between the two that they were invovled with?

I had to laugh at the fact that of 'Konata' doing 'Haruhi' at the cafe. Just listening to her switch back and forth was great and at the same time funny as hell! As VA does both characters anyway. This show has a long list of references. I saw the 'Toranoana' building and 'Gamers'. Of course there's the 'Animate' mascot who's been trying to sell 'Konata' something. Of course I'm missing 'Yui' with her antics. But gawd 'Miyuki' and her mom. Good grief. Nothing like a little 'Lucky Star' before bedtime.
I think you got the episode number wrong... what you said there describes episode 16, this is episode 17. I think there was only a single Haruhi image in the whole ep, and it was just a small magazine cover.

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