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Originally Posted by AVPlaya View Post
In Japan, the smart folks go into medicine. It's a highly respected profession and brings pride to the family if your child is a doctor. You get high social status and a good income. Come to think of it, I don't think doctors in the West get nearly the same respect doctors in Japan do. Many older folks still bow when they see a doctor in robes. They are called "sensei" often.

I don't think that's why Miyuki wanted to be a doctor, but it's normal for people getting top grades considering getting into medicine. I think it's a joke since she's afraid of even going to dentists office, and her boke personality surely puts many patients at risk. Hope she becomes something simple like a pediatrician.
That answers a lot, and it's something I had suspected, but had no evidence for. Thanks! I'd cookie you, but The System says I've done that enough for the time being.

There are some examples of that in the US that I am aware of. In some Korean and Jewish households here, there is the assumption that if you are intelligent enough, you WILL be a doctor. Period. Law school is for wash-outs who have no hope of medical school. Along those lines, doctors get a tremendous amount of respect from such families. A Korean friend of mine has a lot of family and self-confidence issues after he decided medicine wasn't the path for him.
(That isn't to stereotype Korean or Jewish people. It's just that, in the US, I haven't heard of that mindset being in any other social group).

I'd just never had the experience to gain the impression that also happens in Japan. I'd heard of legendary arrogance from many Japanese doctors, but not of the social factors involved in going into medicine. If there is such a social pressure, that means this isn't just Miyuki adhering to a cliche or choosing a profession without proper exposition to explain, but is a very natural choice for her character. I'm happy with the scene now that I'm no longer ignorant of that.

I personally don't think medicine should have that elevated social status. It's just like any other applied science. The reason I didn't go into medicine was after years of hearing about unbelievable stupidity and arrogance in the field from those who had to work it (You'd THINK eight years of rigorous schooling would weed the idiots out, but apparently not...). I'm only now considering going to medical school in the future because I want to be able to practice in the mission field... but this is really off topic, so I'll stop there.

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