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Originally Posted by Larthak View Post
That was really helpful, thanks Larthak.

I go with what I consider legendary, and not necessarily popular. May mention classics. Sorry if you dont find some legendary. It is not really a well defined expression

Several legendaries were mentioned in the other thread as well. IMO Saiunkoku Monogatari, though the males are mostly bishie type, and the lead is female. Seirei no Moribito. And other shows mentioned there.

ALL other Ghibli movies IMO. Howl's moving castle, Tonari no Totoro, Whisper of the heart, the cat returns, ponyo etc. Though Mononoke Hime and Spirited away, which you have seen already, are prolly the deepest ones. Oh, Nausicaa I consider in the same league as those two, or close to them.

IMO THE show you have to see asapissimo is GTO. So, herewith, gadzillioning it I am not a fan of comedy, or romance. But this series is outstanding, and very special.

Eva is definitely worth watching IMO. The end is disputable, but the whole show is still one of my most important ones, apart of the fact that it wrote anime history.

Critics of Eva call RahXephon the better show, that is somewhat similar. I havent gotten into it yet, usually miss the Eva feeling after like 2 epis and drop it again.

Escaflowne - Legendary, early mecha, and "universe hopper" series. Oldish but really charming, and fun. Good battles, and interesting story too (and my favorite cat girl )

Ergo Proxy - gothic feeling, philosophical and entertaining at the same time. If the question of machine <-> sentient being rings the tiniest bell with you, go watch it.

History's strongest disciple Kenichi - martial arts, weak boy gets strong. Worth watching anytime, for the title "legendary" a bit borderline IMO. But totally worth it. Some of my favorite anime chars ever, and rare mixture of martial arts, romance, comedy, good strong male chars, good strong female chars.

Tenjou Tenge - classical martial arts show, I would say, good show, fun fighting, again good strong male and female chars

Planetes - legendary, outter space series, outstanding char development.

Well and of course the Legend of the galactic heros, I mean if a name is program... rather oldish, outter space drama. If you get past the oldish design, and the somewhat slow development it is outstanding.

Simoun - also an oldish series, considered slightly yuri (they are sexless, which yes indeed tends more to the female appearance). Very beautiful aircraft series in a different universe.

Legendary IMO is also Black Lagoon first and second season. It has no time travel, set in modern time, and is over the top violent. Still an awesome show.

I hide behind my desk against the rotten tomatoes flying, but legendary is a title I would give Naruto any day (though it was also popular). The first 100-120 epis work, then come the dreaded fillers, and later follows Shippuden. I switched out after about 120 epis, and never got back. Shippuden I hear seems to be good. But Naruto has its weaknesses which one has to have tolerance for. Legendary it is anyway though

Legendary are also all Dragonball series IMO. Gotta like the lead, though.

Speaking Ninja, but for grown-ups: Basilisk - had me glued to the screen. Basically the battle of 2 Ninja clans with pretty cool special abilities. Also a Romeo and Julia type romance.

Samurai X - few OVAs, prequel to the series Busou Renkin, if I am right. OVAs are outstanding.

Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi. Supernatural beings are playing havoc and a group of very different people are fighting them. Really fun if feudal Japan, Shintou, Youkai and stuff are interesting to you.

Legendary movies like Akira and Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade.

If one says Utawarerumono one should also say Guin Saga. If you despise court intrigue, may want to dismiss it. Otherwise it is really good. Different universe, different time.

Legendary are also Macross and Gundam franchises. Though check in which order you should watch what. They are so huge, one is busy for a while. Some space travel, some mecha, some romance in duo or trio form etc.

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