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Originally Posted by LostSome View Post
I`m not too sure what to make of the whole relationship chart...
It says that Fate is the adoptive daughter to Lindy and adoptive sister to Chrono, but only legal guardian to Caro and Erio.

One way to look at it would be that their real parents are still officially that(they are not dead... I think...) and Fate have permission to be their guardian...

EDIT : Stupid mistake...
Lindy was the official adopter of Erio, since Fate was too young at the time. Beyond that, we don't know if anything changed. There is one scene in Strikers where they are questioning Erio about how he sees Fate, whether as a mother or sister, and I believe he wasn't sure. But that's all that's been said that I recall.

And as far as the linker core discussion, they said in Ep 3 that Nanoha's wounds weren't serious; just that her core had shrunken to an unusual state. I can imagine there would be pain and shock about losing a core (or having it damaged), but not life-threatening. Humans can live with having certain other organs removed, too, like appendixes and kidneys.
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