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When you start seeing tropes in your entertainment, you're missing the point and ruining yourself an experience that's supposed to be fun. Also, because nobody seems to understand that the so-called 'urgency to rescue Asuna' wasn't really there yet,


About the issue on the urgency to rescue Asuna.

From what I could see, Kirito is facing a number of dilemmas. One, he is unsure about his own worth and feels as if he's unqualified for Asuna. There is an obvious difference in status between him and Sugou, and no matter how terrible an ass the guy is, if we're simply considering about marriage stability, economy and all those future shit, Sugou is infinitely the better person for Asuna. Obviously he loves Asuna, but he wasn't sure about his own abilities to support her towards the future (remember that old fisherman who lost hope about returning to his own world, because of things such as unemployment and stuff?).

The meeting with Sugou also made him realize just how powerless he is even though he's a 'hero' who saved the lives of those who were trapped in SAO. He was simply nobody in real life, and there's absolutely nothing he can do there to save Asuna. That was why he jumped at the opportunity to investigate 'the girl who looked like Asuna' trapped in a bird cage at the World Tree. It was escapism, and I'm not saying it's good. Considering the circumstantial evidence it was a pretty good lead, but if he had been an adult he would've realized that unconsciously, he was trying to escape the possibility that he might lose Asuna forever. And he would've despaired. People save themselves by not knowing things they don't need to know.

And then there's this element of uncertainty. Kirito feels pretty sure that the blurry image he saw could very well be Asuna, but how could he be sure? It was just a random image post on a random website that happen to have a connection with Sugou's company. It was suspicious as hell, but just how could he be sure? Also, while Kirito was very worried that Asuna might never wake up from her sleep, there's no hint that Asuna was under any kind of a direct threat except 1) time will kill her eventually, and that time is plenty considering that Asuna has the best medical treatment, 2) married to Sugou.

That is the problem. From Kirito's PoV, he couldn't see a direct threat and negativity towards Asuna. To Kirito, the only thing at stake here was his love for Asuna, and the possibility of deprivation of Asuna's freedom of choice. So Sugou might be an ass, so what? He doesn't know what Asuna thinks. Maybe Asuna likes him. The guy puts up a good show in front of her parents after all, and he most likely would put up a good one in front of her. Maybe he would continue to do so if they get married. Would Asuna be happy then? Would Asuna have a more comfortable and happier life with Sugou? Does he want to force such a weakened Asuna to go against her family's decision right after she wakes up, for the sake of their love alone?

Love doesn't win everything. Love is sometimes not worth it at all to lose your family. Love is not worth it to lose a lifetime of happiness. Love is not many things.

Don't forget that Sugou is a researcher too. From a completely objective PoV (and excluding the fact that he's the one who imprisoned Asuna in the first place), Sugou is one of the best chance Asuna has to wake up from her 'sleep'. Kirito is a person who's willing to sacrifice his own love for Asuna if it means a chance to wake her back to real life and save her from a slow, slumbering death.

There are too many doubts and uncertainties as of now for Kirito. You guys said that you don't feel the 'urgency' in saving Asuna, that he gets sidetracked a little too easy, that he's being a little too happy playing in ALO. I'm telling you that that is wrong.
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