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So far we haven't been shown almost ANY train of thoughts from Kirito since ALO; it's mostly Suguha's.

Also, let me summarize the beginning situation one more time.

1) SAO is completed. However, Asuna and 300 other patients have not wake up from their sleep.
2) Sugou, a complete stranger to Kirito and someone who has good ties with Asuna's family, brags about how he and Asuna are going to get married.
3) Kirito was shown an in-game Virtual Reality image with a character who looks suspiciously like Asuna.

So Kirito's first and ultimate motive is to wake up Asuna. Next, some questions:

1) Is there any hard evidence that the girl trapped in the bird cage is Asuna? No.

2) So why did he dive into ALO? To confirm that whether Asuna was truly the girl trapped in the bird cage.

3) Is there a possibility that Asuna is not the girl trapped in the bird cage? Yes.

4) Does Kirito know Asuna is in great danger? No.

5) Is there a possibility that his time spent in ALO could be a complete waste of time, assuming that the girl in the bird cage wasn't Asuna? Yes.

6) Is there absolutely anything he can do in real life, within one week, that could wake up Asuna? No.

7) Did he really think he could stop Sugou/Asuna's marriage? This is a complete assumption, but my answer would be no. Suppose Sugou wasn't the mastermind behind everything, then even if Asuna wakes up the marriage would very likely still proceed despite the postponement, and a heck tonne of other troubles.

8) Would 7) thought caused him to start questioning his own worthiness against Sugou's, etc etc? Unless he's actually a Terminator made out of steel, I'm guessing the answer's yes, he would start to think a huge amount of things, none of them very good, which eventually led to him crying to sleep holding Suguha because the possibility that he will lose Asuna forever is very real, and that he's human.

With all that above being said, with all the uncertainty and hesitation and fear floating around as Kirito makes his journey towards the girl in the bird cage that might not be Asuna, would he get a little sidetracked by the events happening around him? Yes. Would he try to have fun, so to avoid thinking negative thoughts and the eventual marriage that would happen a week later? yes.

Also, please do not equate the 'urgency to save Asuna' with 'the urgency to prevent Asuna/Sugou marriage'. They are completely different things (as of now). Kirito's first priority has always been to connect with Asuna in reality, and to do that he had to wake Asuna from her slumber. While failing to prevent Asuna/Sugou marriage would cost him their love and Asuna's freedom of choice, that is ultimately NOT his first priority. So if we simply look at his most important priority (to save Asuna from eternal slumber), he has all the time in the world until Asuna dies to wake her up.
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